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Important! Read all of this.

Who am I?


I am  a commercial photographer who does glamour photography as well. I do it with the same professionalism, skill, and discretion as I would give any of my multi-national corporate clients. I have been doing it since before digital photography and I have unparalleled experience with lighting, technology, and editing (Photoshop).



What do I do?


I photograph you according to your needs and wants for a short  time or all day. Whether it is a hot couple of hours or an all day shoot, just let me know what you want. I work fast and produced a lot of work in a session. I am resourceful and creative. I pick out the selects, make some adjustments, upload them to a private secure, un-searchable, URL. Or, I can just load them onto a USB drive if you’d rather. 




Whenever our schedules can connect. Otherwise 24/7, weekdays, weekends.




We can do it anywhere you’d like. Your place, my place, a B&B, Hotel, or resort. I can work at any location. I travel regularly to St. Louis, Nashville, Little Rock, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Birmingham, and New Orleans, as well as anywhere in between. International travel is not out of the question. (I have done it before)




After a few years of doing commercial work, some of my clients who I had worked for and had grown to trust me asked me if I would take some more revealing photos of themselves for their personal use. Back in college I did some commercial glamour so it was a natural progression from doing high quality commercial work with an NDA to doing glamour with an NDA. Honestly, I have to say I have met some very nice people who I was gratified to make feel better about themselves by giving them something they had always wanted, but didn’t know how to get.




Contact me and we’ll figure it all out. It is really easier than you might think. Cost? Two hour shoot 400.00, four hour shoot 800,  eight hours shoot 1600.00. After the photos are delivered and any other details are completed I’ll delete the photos and no one will have them but you. The cost is forgettable, but not the photography. You and those special enough to see the photography will never forget. I guarantee you'll be satisfied or you don't have to pay.

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